The Saem:

$23.90 $1.00

Harakeke Root Extract (71%) eye cream helps to smooth eye areas for a younger, more youthful look and replenishes vitality.   The expiration date is 2020.11.15.

$22.90 $16.03

A fresh gel cream with Harakeke Extract (78%) makes your skin feel moisturized with ulta-pure moisturizing ingredients.

$20.90 $1.00

Pure High-Content, Harakeke Extract (82%) Essence helps to achieve smoother, younger looking skin. 순수한 고농축 하라케케 82% 에센스가 싱그럽고 촉촉한 부드러운 피부로 만들어줍니다.   The expiration date is 2020.11.20.

$19.90 $13.93

토너의 91%가 뛰어난 수분공급 파워를 지닌 하라케케 추출물로 만들어져있어 피부를 금방 촉촉하게 해줄거예요. An excellent moisturizing toner using moisture from Harakeke Extracts (91%) rather than general water.


Discover diverse beauty secrets

The Saem unveils the wisdom, culture, and customs of diverse ethnic groups from all around the world in order to discover diverse beauty secrets.  Saem’s brand is centered on a person who is living the earth.  Natural world ecology inspires Saem SkinCare.  Products are sourced everywhere from the extreme cold arctics in Iceland to the warm South Pacific tropics of Tahiti.