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THE LAB by blanc doux : Hyaluronic Acid Revolution

Initially released in 2018, THE LAB by blanc doux launched their 100% small-molecule hyaluronic acid toner and instantly became a viral sensation.  The toner trended to the #1 spot on NAVER after being ranked #1 in the TOP of TOP toner in Korea by Director Pi.  Later, it ranked #1 in 2019 by both Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards and the Hwahae Beauty Awards.

What is the secret behind this trendy toner?

Small molecule Hyaluronic Acid 5000 

THE LAB by blanc doux infuses all their products with small molecule Hyaluronic Acid.  While hyaluronic acid is all the craze for moisturizers in 2020, most products use large-size hyaluronic acid.  Products using large sized hyaluronic acid still moisturize the top surface of your skin.  Unfortunately, they are too large to be absorbed deep under your skin. 

The Hyaluronic Acid molecule size in Blanc Doux products is 200x smaller than in other brands.

In a test study, they showed that the skin absorbed 90% of the smaller sized Hyaluronic Acid.  Compare this with the hyaluronic acid in other brands.  For the large-sized molecules, the participants’ skin only absorbed 2% of product.  

Why Hyaluronic Acid Skincare?

A common name for Hyaluronic Acid is the moisture magnet.  The reason?  It retains moisture up to 1000x its own volume.  Your own body also produces it naturally.

But by age 40, your body only produces half as much as it did in its younger days.  Your skin simply cannot retain as much moisture.  But this can be prevented with Hyaluronic Acid skincare.  You can help your skin out and continue to replenish this essential moisturizing ingredient.  

Additionally, hyaluronic acid keeps your skin hydrated, healthy, and looking flawless.  Not only is it great at moisturizing, but it can also prevent moisture from leaving your skin.  Finally, it heightens your skin’s defenses and prevents harmful bacteria from entering your skin.  There’s a good reason Hyaluronic Acid is on the top of the list in skincare.

THE LAB formulates their products at state of the art research facilities.

THE LAB skincare products are made in an extremely clean and environmental research facility.  They developed a sophisticated technique for isolating the small molecule Hyaluronic Acid in their products.  And the other ingredients in their products are clean and free from every toxin on our 14 most common toxin list.  They seek out ingredients that your skin truly needs.  And your skin will thank you later for giving it the hydration it deserves.  

THE LAB by blanc doux is a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brand.

The Lab by blanc doux is a cruelty-free brand and does not conduct testing on animals of any kind.  This has been certified by JOAHYE, as well as PETA.

These products are all vegan-friendly.  Animals are not involved in sourcing, testing, or making their products in any way.   

Should you give it a try?

The Lab by blanc doux products are compatible with all skin types, and especially compatible with sensitive skin.  We consider these products to be the foundation of any great skincare routine, which is why we have included it as part of our 4 STEP Korean skincare routine.  The natural, small molecule Hyaluronic Acid is more effective than any other brand, and the toxin-free ingredient list is also an outstanding feat.  These products are highly-recommended for keeping your skin moisturized, radiant, healthy, and beautiful 🙂