Solution to your Irritated Skin

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Answer to your irritated skin

Irritated skin comes in a variety of ways. 

Common symptoms of irritated skin include redness, dryness, bumps, cracked skin, blisters, and many others. Obviously, you should see a doctor if the condition is serious.  But what can you do for some relief? 

Are there particular skincare products that will heal and improve irritated skin?   

The answer may surprise you.  There are a line of skincare products that are highly effective in healing and improving irritated skin.  These products don’t rely on harmful chemicals or preservatives.  They use natural ingredients that bring nutrition and healing to your skin.  They are also made using the same process that is used for making champagne and spirits.  That’s right, they are made with fermentation.  Sounds strange?  Read on. 



Fermentation skin care is a key component of korean skincare. 

Almost all major cosmetic companies in Korea have this fermentation product line. Of all things, why fermentation?

Why is fermentation so good for your skin?

Fermentation uses microbes, such as yeast, to break down sugar.  The byproducts are beneficial substances for your skin.  They also remove toxins in the process as well.  In other words, fermentation means that beneficial bacteria are added and toxicity is reduced.

Fermentation cosmetics


Fermented cosmetics are cosmetics that use fermentation of natural ingredients.

By using fermentation, the nutrition of raw ingredients is already broken down in a usable way for your irritated skin.  Standard cosmetics do this using chemical and physical processes that sometimes do more harm than good.  

In particular, fermented cosmetics are safe because they use natural ingredients.  This makes them especially ideal for those with sensitive, inflamed, dry, allergy-prone, or irritated skin.

Main Ingredients of Fermented Cosmetics

fermentation-main ingredients

Fermented cosmetics can be divided into four types according to the raw materials used and the methods.  In Korea, most ingredients used in cosmetics are fermented rice, beans, and corn.

01 Yeast - 'Galactomyces Fermented Products'

Obtained by fermenting yeast.  Technically known as ‘galactomyces fermentation products‘.  These products help your skin increase moisture absorption.  They also bring antioxidants to your skin.  Other benefits include improving moisture-oil balance in oily skin, brightening, and acne healing.   Studies have also shown that galactomyces cause your skin to naturally produce hyaluronic acid.

02 Propanediol

It is made by fermenting corn.  Acts as an excellent moisturizer and naturally hydrates your skin.  Although in large amounts, it can cause skin irritation, a study found that the ingredient caused little to no irritation.  The EWG rates products containing propanediol as a safe green level.

03 Thermos Thermophilus

A microbe that has lived 2,000 meters below sea level and has been around for over 3 billion years.  This organism has survived some of Earth’s most extreme heat conditions.  As a skincare ingredient, this works wonders for repairing skin damage due to heat and aging.  It is among the newest to be added to the fermentation product line.


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04 Other general ingredients (ginseng, beans, mung beans, rice, mushrooms...)

These use fermentation to break down the nutrients stored in plants.  By breaking down the nutrients first, they can more easily be delivered to your skin.  Increases the effectiveness of the natural ingredients while still agreeing with your sensitive and irritated skin.

Includes the natural fermentation of black tea, ginseng, seaweed, bamboo sap extract, red cloves, hibiscus, snow lotus, and various herbs and flowers.

Fermented cosmetics are Korean?


There are quite a few people who think fermented cosmetics are a very Korean idea.   This is only half right.

Fermentation in Asia is special, especially in Korea.

Long before the refrigerator, Korea developed fermentation technology for safely storing food. Many of the traditional medicines and cosmetics used by noble women used this fermentation know-how.  In addition, many Korean foods are fermented – including their famous kimchi and miso.  As interest in older traditions has increased, many new cosmetics are made using old technology.

However, Western cheese and wine are also typical fermented foods.  It has also been said that Cleopatra enjoyed bathing in fermented milk.  So fermentation can very much be considered a global product.

Safer than organic cosmetics?

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