The Mist Serum containing 88% Bulgarian rosewater.


고농축 프로폴리스(79.9%) 앰플로 피부를 재생하세요. Highly concentrated propolis (79.9%) ampoule.


피부 세포 재생을 위한 멀티 콜라겐 파워 리프팅 세럼. Multi Collagen Power Lifting Serum


한국 최초로 인증받은 100% 유기농 식물 오일 세럼 - 안티에이징. 100% Organic Vegetable oil for Anti-aging


한국 최초로 인증받은 100% 유기농 식물 오일 세럼 - 잡티 제거. 100% Organic Vegetable oil for trouble care and removing spot


토너, 에센스, 세럼을 하나로 - 유채벌꿀 42%로 가득한 멀티기능성 세럼으로 가벼워지세요. 3 in 1 (toner, essence and serum) Multi-functional serum containing 42 % of Canola honey.


순수한 고농축 하라케케 82% 에센스가 싱그럽고 촉촉한 부드러운 피부로 만들어줄거예요. Pure High-Content, Harakeke Extract (82%) Essence helps to achieve smoother, younger looking skin.


Anti-aging serum blended with natural essential oils and sea water.


Essence Enhanced by the Miracle of Natural Fermentation. Dual Functional Cosmetic for Brightening and Anti-aging.

06 Essence

Red Serum 40ml


Feel the change in only 5 days. Vitalized skin by correcting fundamental skin concerns.


A balanced blend of Green Tea Extract 77.99% and Green Tea Seed Oil locks in hydration from the very first drop.

$19.90 $11.94

Premium High-Content Fermentation Boosting Essence

$16.90 $8.45

A lightweight and hydrating serum

$19.90 $13.93

Premium High-Content Snail Secretion Filtrate Serum