Cleansing Water for Acne-prone Skin. A powerful antibacterial and regenerative power with Centella Asiatica 94.92%.


A cleansing foam from highly-concentrated sea salt (40%) removes old dead skin and residues, while making your skin look smooth and moist.


A slightly acidic (pH 5.6-7) foam made by natural palm oil-based surfactants.


#Lotus #Microfoam Erase the bad with a natural cleanser, leave only Lotus moisture behind.


칙칙하고 얼룩덜룩한 피부톤을 환하게 밝혀줄 녹두로 만든 천연 핸드메이드 비누. #dullskin #oilyskin #deadcell


피부독소를 빼고 유수분 균형을 잡는 어성초로 만든 천연 핸드메이드 비누. #troubledskin #oilyskin #combinationskin


화나고 붉은 피부를 진정시키는 호랑이풀로 만든 천연 핸드메이드 비누. #angryskin #redskin #acne #breakout #sensitive


모공 속 노폐물을 쏙쏙 흡착하는 대나무숯으로 만든 천연 핸드메이드 비누. #bigpore #blackhead #whitehead #sebum


An excellent moisturizing foam cleanser using moisture from Harakeke Extracts (20%) rather than general water.

$9.90 $8.90

With 8 types of herb extract, Saururus Chinensis extract and moisturizing ingredients, this cleanser deeply purifies skin.


A slightly acidic (pH 5.6-7) foam cleanser with a soft, blueberry foam that matches the pH of healthy skin to gently cleanse without drying.


Michella Water containing blueberry extract removes residues and makeup like a magnet and cleanses your skin.

$22.90 $13.90

70% Tea Tree Leaf Water and Tea Tree Leaf Oil refresh and relax the skin.