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Toner for Acne-prone Skin. A powerful antibacterial and regenerative power with Centella Asiatica 96.34%.


Ideal for calming your skin and taking care of those pores.


Strikes an ideal balance between moisture and nutrition.


A slightly acidic (pH 5.6-7) foam made by natural palm oil-based surfactants.


Rich slightly acidic (pH 5.6-7) essence in mask sheet.


Get your skin refreshed and rejuvenated with the Vitamin C mask pack.

01 Deep Cleanser

Deep Cleanser Skincare Box


Remove your water-proof makeup with natural deep cleansers infused with Mango and Sylverster flower.


Cleansing Water for Acne-prone Skin. A powerful antibacterial and regenerative power with Centella Asiatica 94.92%.

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A 3-STEP mask pack that clears up damaged skin from environmental toxins.


High moisturizing cream makes your skin feel comfortable and nourished by balancing moisture and nutrition.


A cleansing foam from highly-concentrated sea salt (40%) removes old dead skin and residues, while making your skin look smooth and moist.


Tomato/ Shea Butter/ Rice/ Coconut/ Ginseng/ Oatmeal/ Acai Berry

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The Mist Serum containing 88% Bulgarian rosewater.


Premium Fermentation eye cream helps to smooth eye areas for a younger, more youthful look.


Ideal for cleaning your pores and tightening your skin.


6 Natural Sheet Masks with aloe, avocado, egg, honey, tea tree and vitamin.

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Moisturizing Sheet Mask

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Soothing Sheet Mask

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Anti-aging Sheet Mask

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Nourishing Sheet Mask


Enriched with the nourishing power of flowers, Spring Pink Skincare Kit works to brighten and tighten skin while providing deep moisture.

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Harakeke Skincare Box


Harakeke will make your skin feel moisturized with ulta-pure moisturizing ingredients and remove over-sebum for Oily skin.

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Oat Skincare Box


The strong water absorbing properties of oats will replenish your dry skin with moisture.


Premium High-Content Snail Secretion Filtrate will remove your acne wrinkles and blemish scars.


A balanced blend of Jeju Green Tea Extract and Green Tea Seed Oil locks in hydration from the very first drop.

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Aloe Skincare Box


Premium High-Content Aloe with the rich nutrients and moisture from Aloe Vera Leaf Water will moisturize and calm your skin deeply.


A slightly acidic (pH 5.6-7) blueberry skincare products rich in anti-oxidants make your skin healthy and balanced in moisture and oil.


The Miracle of Natural Fermentation - its excellent heat and chemical resistance protects your skin from hot weather and environmental pollution.


Everyday K-beauty Routine Kit


Pure 100% Hyaluronic Acid - 'Moisture Magnet'