Right Way to Cleanse Face



10 Keys to cleanse right way


Triple cleansing for makeup

3 Steps
1) Lip&eye remover :Removing point makeup
2) Cleansing Oil (Balm) :Removing makeup
3) Cleanser :Removing wastes

Double cleansing for sunscreen

2 Steps
1) Cleansing Water (Milk) :Removing makeup
2) Cleanser :Removing wastes

Cleansing for usual day

1 Step
Cleanser :Removing wastes

Twice a day.

Frequent and prolonged washing of the face seems to wipe off oil and grease, but it can cause dermatitis and, on the contrary, actually increase sebum. Cleansing twice a day is the best way to keep your natural skin barrier.

Within 1 min.

Cleansing can be accomplished within a minute.

Wash hands before.

Wash your hands with soap and water before cleansing.
Hands are most likely to be the most exposed areas of contact with the outside world and are filled with a variety of invisible pollutants. Cleansing with dirty hands can be counterproductive.

Use lukewarm water.

Use lukewarm water similar to your outside body temperature when washing your face. If it’s too hot, then the water can dry your skin. Too cold, the water can irritate your skin.

Remove makeup before sleep.

Make sure you remove your makeup before sleep.
The longer the makeup and various wastes remain on your skin, the higher the possibility of your pores becoming clogged, and causing trouble. You can be sure by removing all your makeup with the easy cleansing wipes.

Use a new towel.

Don’t use the same towel several times. Wearing a wet towel is like washing your face again with germs. Use only the same towel once. If possible, dry it and wash immediately.

Manage cleansing tools

Cleanliness is essential if you use cleansing tools or devices to wash your face. After rinsing away the residue from a brush, bacteria can reproduce and expose themselves as dermatitis if the brush remains damp for an extended period of time.

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