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Quret : The Queen’s Secret Skincare

Skincare products by Quret use nature’s best ingredients for providing functional, nourishing, and safe cosmetics scientifically shown to work.  This brand carefully selected each natural ingredient for a particular skin enhancement or concern. 

“Over the last 20 years, clinical and laboratory studies have identified the benefits of an array of natural ingredients for skin care. Consequently, a number of these ingredients and compounds are today being developed, used or considered not only for anti-aging effects, but also for use in dermatologic disorders.”

-J. Fowler et al., Innovations in Natural Ingredients and Their Use in Skincare. Journal of drugs in dermatology 9 S72 (2010).

And because of the natural formulations, all skin types are compatible with Quret’s products.  Most of their products are vegan friendly, and all of their skincare lines are cruelty-free.  Nourish and pamper your skin with skincare fit for a queen.

Beauty Recipe Vegan Mask Line

The Beauty Recipe Vegan Mask line uses the power of superfood to build up your skin’s defenses, enhance your collagen production, moisturize and replenish key nutrients, calm skin inflammation, and turn back the clock on your skin’s age.  The Beauty Recipe Vegan mask line includes an Avocado, Banana, Broccoli, Eggplant, Brazil Nut, and Tomato mask. 

And for maximum essence delivery, each mask sheet uses the European Tencel Sheet.  The tencel sheet is a soft, eco-friendly mask sheet made from Eucalyptus tree fibers.  Additionally, the Vegan Society also approved these masks as being free from any animal products.

Hello 🙂 Quret Friends Mask Line

This Hello 🙂 Quret Friends Mask Line is a functional cosmetics line designed to purify, replenish, moisturize, and glamourize your skin.  Each mask contains a key functional ingredient derived from nature. 

The Avocado mask fortifies your skin with the essential oils of avocado and repairs age related damages with its high antioxidant content. 

Next up, the cactus mask uses the rich electrolytes from nature’s most resilient to build your moisture barrier and lock in your skin’s moisture. 

And for the ultimate detoxifying cleanse, there is the charcoal mask.  Uses the nature adsorption properties of activated charcoal to suck up all the environmental toxins, bacteria, and dead skin from your pores.  Guaranteed to leave your skin extra clean and clear. 

Finally, the egg mask will tighten up your pores with nature’s best astringent.  The egg protein complex will enrich your skin tone, elasticity, and reduce wrinkles.  All together, the Hello 🙂 Friends Mask set will work to bring you brighter, younger, and healthier skin.