Puregen is confident in the power and quality of their products.

Over the years, we met a lot of customers who were worried about the quality of the natural ingredients in their cosmetic products.  Many manufacturers had difficulty making natural cosmetics, and did so in mostly poor, unsanitary environments. There was a lack of resources as well as proper expertise.

Puregen aimed to tackle these issues head-on and develop a high-quality, natural cosmetic product.  After four years of research and development, they developed highly-functional cosmetics using high-quality and pure natural materials.

Puregen research found more efficient methods for extracting expensive natural materials, so that their product lines could be kept at reasonable prices.   

Puregen is a cruelty-free brand.


고농축 프로폴리스(79.9%) 앰플로 피부를 재생하세요. Highly concentrated propolis (79.9%) ampoule.


피부 세포 재생을 위한 멀티 콜라겐 파워 리프팅 세럼. Multi Collagen Power Lifting Serum