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Recipe from a head of KHIA (Korea Handmade Instructor Association)

Centella Multi

for Acen-prone/Red Skin

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Pureforet : pure forêt

Cultivated and natural ingredients for acne-prone and sensitive skin

Launched in 2017, Pureforet is based on the concept of Cultivated Ingredients.  That is, ingredients from nature optimized for creating healthy and lively skin.  Pureforet strives to fulfill the promise of bringing back your youthful skin.  You remember?  That skin filled with all the fun and joyful times of care-free youth.  The ingredients are especially cultivated for those who have trouble with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

The name is a combination of “pure” meaning purity and “forêt”, which is French for forest.  

3,660 days

number of days spent cultivating, formulating, and researching before Pureforet was launched.

No Toxins

The best part is the super clean ingredients.  All their products are free from 26 known allergens and 26 common harmful chemicals. Additionally, they only use ingredients designated by the FDA as safe.  This means, extensive scientific testing and research evaluate all their products.


the number of trial recipes tested before the final product line of Pureforet was released.

Their essential oils are designated as A++ therapy-grade organic essential oils by aromatherapy masters.  So much so, the acclaimed publication Aromatheraphy Master applauds them, as well as multitudes of international aromatherapists.

Cruelty-free & Safely Made

Pureforet develops and tests all their products at their own Dermatology R&D Center.  They use the most fundamental and eco-friendly substances in their development.  For over 12 years, they isolated the key components of natural ingredients that are the most effective in healing acne, especially those with sensitive skin.  The best part?  Pureforet NEVER conducts animal tests or uses any animal-derived products.

Fully Tested

Pureforet is registered with the FDA and the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) in the EU.

Additionally, the ECO CERT, as well as UK’s Soil Association, certified their essential oils used in each of their products. 

Highly Rated by Professional Users

The Pureforet Heroes experience team consists of 50 men & women.  This esteemed and diversified group certifies all products for 28 days after a professional consultation.

Here are some of their results:

78% show “noticeable improvement with their skin problems (acne and sensitivity)”.

82% demonstrate “smoother/softer skin”.

72% show “gradually reduced redness on the cheeks”.

88% have “reduced (facial) tightness from dry skin”.