Skincare while fighting against the coronavirus


How are you getting ready for the coronavirus?

Recently, the coronavirus has made it necessary to wear a mask and use lots of hand sanitizer. We certainly recommend following these guidelines to help fight the spread and also for protecting yourself!  One drawback is that these essentials can weaken the skin, so you can use your skincare products to give your skin an extra lift during this tough time. JOAHYE has prepared several skincare tips that will especially help your skin out while taking the other precautionary measures against the coronavirus.


Wearing a facemask by itself is not the cause of skin trouble.  However, if worn for an extended time, the temperature and humidity inside the mask increase.  This can result in a sudden increase in the secretion of sebum and waste from your face. That means it’s an environment that’s easy to get germs. In particular, skin problems can easily occur on the chin and cheeks where the mask touches.  Disposable mask materials are also made from synthetic fibers and adhesives, which can lead to contact dermatitis.

Corona Virus


Never touch your face before washing your hands.

Do not touch the front of the mask and only touch the elastic bands with your hands when putting the mask on and taking the mask off.

Always wash your face when you get back home.

Right after coming back from a public space, first wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 30 seconds and THEN start washing your face.

Wash your face with mild products.

Choose a cleansing product that is mild and less likely to cause skin irritation.Preferably one that can be used for sensitive and troubled skin. In particular, we recommend a slightly acidic product (ph 5.5-6.5).

Choose a light texture.

Oily products can more easily absorb foreign substances (like viruses!) and cause dermatitis. Apply water-based moisturizing products, like ones containing hyaluronic acid, for example, several times to prevent dryness.

Choose effective ingredients for dermatitis.

Centella Asiatica, tea tree and honey are excellent anti-inflammatory products. Centella Asiatica, is a plant often used by tigers for healing when hurt, so it makes an excellent natural remedy for healing hurt or damaged skin.

Refrain from putting on heavy makeup as much as possible.

Cosmetics block the pores, making them more itchy, and prone to rashes and inflammation.This can cause you to touch your face more often, which has been cited as something to highly avoid during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reduce the number of products you use to a minimum.
If you get a pimple, apply an effective acne product to the localized area.
If the inside of your mask is contaminated, replace it immediately.
When wearing a mask in public, try to find less crowded, safe space environments where you can periodically take your mask off and let your skin rest.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer destroys the oil and water balance in your hands, which weakens the skin’s protective barrier and makes it very dry.Overly frequent use leads to paradoxical situations where repeated overuse damages your skin barrier and can actually make it weaker for fighting off external contagions.



Choose a disinfectant with a concentration of 60-80% ethanol.

If the concentration is too high, it irritates the skin too much!So sterilize your hands with something a little weaker.If you can’t find anything weaker, you can dilute the concentration by adding water (Empty out a quarter of the container.Then add distilled or filtered water until full.Cap it and shake to mix it all together).

Use hand cream.

Some people worry about applying hand cream after disinfecting their hands.But after washing your hands, hand cream will not affect the cleanliness of your hands.Rather, it can protect your skin by preventing evaporation of moisture.


The best advice is to wash your hands often and don’t touch your face!

Since the speed of infection is fast, practice distancing yourself from society for the time being. It’s hard, but I think we can get back to our daily lives as fast as possible if we all adhere to these guidelines.

As you spend more time at home, we recommend that you focus more on yourself, both inside and out.

You can get through it.

Cheer up, everyone!


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