Skincare Ingredients – Why you should care (& Why you don’t have to ;)


Your skin – the largest port of entry into your body. Designed to naturally block bacteria and viruses from entering your body – and it does a pretty great job, until it doesn’t.


You can think of your skin as a giant tennis net protecting your body. Bacteria are like beach balls trying to get through this net and are mostly blocked. That’s also why it’s so important to put a band-aid over a cut on your skin – it’s a huge opening for bacteria to enter through your skin and get inside your body.


But how does your skin protect against chemicals and other toxins? These harmful molecules are much, much smaller than bacteria. Using the above analogy, these chemicals are more like the size of darts. A tennis net blocking darts?? Not so great.

The point is, that by putting skincare products on your skin containing harmful chemicals & toxic ingredients, your skin doesn’t stand a chance. Like darts, these ingredients penetrate your skin’s natural defenses. From there, they wreak serious havoc on your body – causing anything from mild skin irritation to even cancer with frequent use and exposure.


So you might be thinking, surely cosmetic companies wouldn’t be allowed to sell products containing harmful, cancer causing ingredients. Reality check. Even some of the leading mainstream products & brands get away with selling products containing known toxic ingredients. Why? These ingredients make the products last longer on the shelves and are cheaper to use than natural preservatives. Unlike food distributors and drug companies, cosmetic companies are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means gross safety violations and health concerns go largely unnoticed. There are simply too many skincare products out there using too many ingredients to regulate at this time.

Skincare products using natural ingredients without harmful preservatives and fragrances are your best bet.


So how can you be sure you’re safe without being a cosmetic chemist? There is hope! For starters, we recommend checking out the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website Skin Deep.

There, you can find a huge searchable database of common cosmetic ingredients, brands, and products. You can search for some of your favorite products and discover their safety and health rankings. They give rankings from 1 – 10, with 1 being a low concern (Green Level) and 10 being a high concern (Red Level) product or ingredient. You may be surprised at what you find.


We also recommend you to choose skincare brands and products that value your health and safety, or at least consider this in their curation process. If a brand isn’t explicit about what goes into their products, it’s not safe to assume it’s okay. At JOAHYE, we choose our products with your health and safety in mind and do a lot of the heavy lifting in our curation (so you don’t need to worry about it :). We choose our products from brands based on 5 curation principles – 1) Natural Ingredients 2) No Toxins 3) Safely Made 4) Fully Tested 5) Highly Rated by Professional Users.


In a future post, we’ll go into each one of these in more detail, but for now, know that we put quite some time and effort in deciding what we sell and carry in our store. We want you to have beautiful skin in the most health-conscience way possible. It is possible for you to have healthy skin without compromise.


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