Removing Blackheads K-beauty style



No one likes getting blackheads. Fortunately, this 3 STEP K-beauty routine will do just the trick.


Getting rid of blackheads on and around the nose is no fun. Fortunately, it’s 2020 and you’ve got K-beauty on your side to do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve been experimenting with this 3 step method for getting rid of blackheads on your nose, and the results have been, quite simply, amazing. The results are immediate and after you finish the final wash, your nose is left feeling shiny and almost completely blackhead free!


What causes blackheads in the first place? Blackheads form when a hair follicle in your skin is blocked by either by oil (sebum) or dead skin cells. They can also be caused by bacteria. You may be especially susceptible to blackheads if your skin produces too much oil, if dead cells aren’t washed away regularly, or if you’re going through hormonal changes. Regardless of the cause, this 3 STEP method will tackle each of these one by one.




Begin With Clean Hands and Face.

Begin by cleaning your hands thoroughly with soap. If your face is already make-up free, then we recommend cleansing your face. If you did use makeup and need to remove it first, we recommend using a deep cleanser like a oil-based cleanser. After removing all your makeup, make sure to finish up with a cleanser. This ensures your face is fully clean and primed to tackle those blackheads.






Steam a towel and place over your nose for 2 min.

Take an ordinary cotton washcloth and dampen with warm tap water. You can also moisten a cloth with cold water and microwave it for 30 seconds, but be careful not to burn yourself. After the cloth is warm (but not scolding hot), fold the cloth in half and place over your nose. You should feel a warm, steaming sensation over your nose. The warmth is making the pores on your nose wider so that it’ll be easier for any blocked sebum to slide out. Continue to hold over your nose for at least 2 min.




Gently rub a deep cleansing oil over your nose for 2 min.

Have you ever heard the phrase “oil and water don’t mix”? This old adage remains true for blackheads as well. Since the majority of blackheads are caused by oil, it’s going to take an oil-based product to dissolve them away. You can use olive oil or aroma oil at home, but that’s where a deep oil cleanser comes in especially handy.

We’re going to use it again for removing those blackheads.

For this step, take some oil into your palm and with your other hand, use your fingers to apply gently over your nose area. To avoid irritation, it’s best to only wipe softly and take your time. After your nose is completely covered, continue to circle the oil around your nose for at least 2 minutes, especially on the more troublesome spots on your nose.

After you’re content, you may begin to remove the oil by adding water. But to maximize the effect, we recommend not to remove all at once. It can be removed gradually by washing your hands first with water and then using water from your fingers, massage gently around your nose area. This should give the cleansing oil a milk-like color around your nose and indicates its “melting away” the oil from your nose area. The good news is that while it’s melting away, it’s taking all the blocked sebum causing the blackheads with it. After it has been taken off, your nose should start to look glistening and clean 🙂




Dry your face and apply an essence over your nose several times.


After all your pores have been cleaned by the deep cleanser oil, the essence(or serum, ampoule) will tighten up all your pores. The essence is the most balanced skincare product similar to your skin, so it makes your pores think that your sebum is balanced. That means it doesn’t produce extra sebum. This will help to prevent sebum or dead skin cells from getting back into the pores, which will help prevent black heads from forming in the first place.




Continue with your daily skin care routine (beginning with toner, essence, and finish with a cream).

We know we only said 3 steps, but after you take care of your blackheads, be sure to take care of the rest of your face as well. The rest of the routine doesn’t have to take long. Just lightly apply some toner, followed by some essence and then spread some cream over the rest of your face. And you’re all finished! 🙂

We personally love this routine. It’s been tremendous for getting rid of our blackheads and giving a shine to our faces we haven’t seen in years. We really hope it works for you too! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Did this work for your too? If you have anything you’d like to add either from reading other blogs or from personal experience, we’d love to hear it!

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