Korean beauty products for your skin type

Cosmetics Selection Guide by Skin Type

So many korean beauty products. So many skin types…

For every 100 people, there might be 100 different skin types.  And there also might be 100 Korean beauty products for your skin type.  How to decide which is right for you?

The key for choosing the perfect korean beauty products for your skin type is to find the right oil and moisture balance.

Dryness, facial shine, sebum, and rash… When the oil and moisture balance is managed well, most skin concerns vanish. So, in this post, I put together a guide for choosing the right korean beauty products based on skin type.  We will help you choose the best for balancing each one.

Before that, if you want to know your skin type, do a skin type test.

Let’s get started!

The Vicious Cycle of choosing the wrong skincare products


Finding the right Moisture-Oil Balance

Moisturizing your skin is more than just replenishing moisture.  You also need to strike a balance between moisture and oil.

The outer part of the skin’s protective material has both water-loving and oil-loving properties.

Over using oily products on dry skin can clog pores, which can actually make your dry skin worse.  If you use only moisturizing products, your skin will release more oil, increase sebum and cause problems such as secondary troubles and acne.

You need to balance water and oil in order for your skin to feel comfortable.

Korean Beauty Products for your skin type

With the right korean beauty products for your skin type, you can definitely solve all your skin worries.

So you can focus more on beautiful you.


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