The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benton’ is inspired by and named after the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, where Benjamin Button grows younger with time.

Likewise Benton wishes to turn back the time of your skin with healthy cosmetics. Benton cosmetics are designed to restore your skin back to its original, youthful condition with healthy recipes.

Benton is Cruelty-free brand.

$59.00 $29.50

Premium High-Content Snail Secretion Filtrate will remove your acne wrinkles and blemish scars.

$42.50 $24.90

풍부한 알로에잎수가 지치고 화난 피부에 수분을 빠르게 채워주고 진정시켜줄거예요. Aloe Vera Leaf Water with the rich nutrients will moisturize and calm your skin quickly.

$22.90 $13.90

70% Tea Tree Leaf Water and Tea Tree Leaf Oil refresh and relax the skin.


A slightly acidic (pH 5.6-7) foam made by natural palm oil-based surfactants.

$18.90 $9.90

Premium Fermentation eye cream helps to smooth eye areas for a younger, more youthful look.

$19.90 $11.94

Premium High-Content Fermentation Boosting Essence

$19.00 $10.90

The rich nutrients and moisture from Aloe Vera Leaf Water make skin healthy and hydrated.

$1.90 $0.57

Rich slightly acidic (pH 5.6-7) essence in mask sheet.

$19.90 $9.90

This soothing gel leaves your skin intensively refreshed and hydrated.

$16.90 $9.90

Premium High-Content Aloe Toner

$16.90 $8.45

A lightweight and hydrating serum

$17.90 $8.95

A lightweight and hydrating toner

$18.90 $9.90

Premium High-Content Snail Secretion Filtrate cream, blended at high temperature using steam method

$19.90 $13.93

Premium High-Content Snail Secretion Filtrate Serum

$18.90 $9.45

Premium High-Content Snail Secretion Filtrate Toner