Beauty Curator:



Beauty Curator: “Everybody and everything has its own beauty.”

Beauty Curator brings your inner beauty to your face without relying on heavy make-up.  The unique collection includes four masks – each with a skin concern in mind.  And notice anything unusual about the art design?  They value bunnies so much that they made an art collection.  Watch the bunny evolve from the Mona Lisa to The Birth of Venus.  Even better, all their sheet masks are completely cruelty-free.  So do your favorite bunny a favor and shop Beauty Curator for cruelty-free sheet masks.

In addition to cruelty free, they also use natural ingredients.  Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, aloe, flower, and complex herb extracts.  And each mask is designed with a particular purpose in mind.  Their soothing sheet mask is perfect for calming your skin and preventing acne-causing bacteria. The nourishing sheet mask is rich in nutrition and naturally moisturizes and brightens.  Needing more oil-water balancing?  Try using the real aqua sheet mask for balancing your skin.  And finally, the essential anti-aging sheet mask is optimized for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction.  Use together and bring out your inner beauty.  Enjoy a taste of your artistic side with Beauty Curator.