Balanced food makes balanced skin.

At JOAHYE (‘joe ‘ah hey’), we bring you natural cosmetics derived from healthy, balanced food.  We believe you should be able to eat what you apply on your skin.  K-beauty products from JOAHYE are made by natural ingredient, so give your skin the food it deserves.

Being modern means being aware.

The modern woman is aware of the potential hazards of synthetic chemicals, especially on the skin.  Synthetic chemical products are cheaper to make, but at what cost to your skin?  At JOAHYE, we believe that if it’s healthy to eat, it’s healthy for your skin.  We offer only healthy and natural skincare products. We will help you find the best solution for having modern skin that lasts.​


The more you know, the better your skin will be.


If you’re concerned, the best and safest way is to check each ingredient one by one.

No time? Don’t worry!

All products from JOAHYE are curated strictly by 5 Curation Principles.

New Interior Collection

Curation #1

Natural Ingredients

Curation #2

No Toxins

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Curation #3

Safely Made

Curation #4

Fully Tested

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