2NDESIGN First Cleansing Oil Pure & Fresh Black 200ml

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2NDESIGN : Your Skin’s Vitality as the Top Priority

At 2NDESIGN, your skin’s health and vitality are the top priorities.  With their natural product lines, your skin will take a new beginning.  And take a second design.

Creating a new tomorrow by adding vitality to your skin.

They find the silver-lining in your skin.  And begin with a sincere effort of using only good ingredients.  They also sincerely do not want to give up on any skin condition.  

Your second design should be healthy.  And it should maximize your natural beauty without the need for harmful toxins. 

4 Reasons Why 2NDESIGN Values Your Skin:

  1. Second design is natural.  They want to keep your trust with good ingredients and sincere recipes.  No deception using harmful ingredients that add stress to the skin. Your second design should stay with you for a long time like a trusted friend.
  2. Second Design is concerned.  No matter what skin you have or what concerns you have, they will find ways to design your skin.  They want to face your worries head-on with well tuned science and research.
  3. Second design is not greedy.  They want to offer their products at the most reasonable and fair prices.  This way, more people can experience their magic.  Sometimes this means minimalist packaging and no frill designs.  But modest packaging can still hold powerful, effective skincare.
  4. Second design is progressive.  They want to advance every day.  In doing so, they keep the basics and principles of an ideal product that will win over the world.  They want to listen and keep listening to the skin of the people and of the world.

#1 Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards Winner

In the first half of 2019, Glowpick analyzed 450,000 + reviews registered in their famous K-beauty skincare app.  From all these reviews, they selected 235 products from 76 categories as the best beauty products of 2019.  From all of these products, they named three products from 2NDESIGN as the best of the best.

Aggregation Period: 12/1/2018 – 6/30/2019

Aggregate Reviews: 456,726

# of Reviewers: 32,221

  1. 2NDESIGN Peeling Gel, rated as 4.18 out of 5 by a critical review team, received winning recognition by the Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards community.
  2. Their Cleansing Oil Pure & Fresh received a rating of 4.29 out of 5 by Glowpick’s expert review panel.  They chose this natural cleansing oil to be listed as the #1 Cleansing Oil for 2019!
  3. 2NDESIGN Moisturizing Cream was ranked as the #1 Moisturizing Cream by consumers in 2019.

2NDESIGN Product Line

1st Cleansing Oil Pure & Fresh

A skin-friendly cleansing oil that removes makeup residues and keeps your skin moisturized & purified.  Gently removes even the heaviest makeup.  And the best part?  It still manages to keep your skin moist and lively.  Lighter than typical cleansing oils and easy to spread over your face.  Uses natural oils from the purest of sources, including sunflower, Jojoba seed, Macademia, and Rosehip Berry oils. 

1st Cleanser Pure & Moist

A lighter cleanser that uses mild cleansing ingredients and amino acids as a surfactant ingredient.  A perfect follow-up cleanse after the cleansing oil pure & fresh.  Also great for a light morning cleanse.  This cleanser is especially friendly for sensitive skin types. 

Springy Peeling Gel Tone Up Boost

A soft, hypoallergenic peeling that improves your skin texture and evens your skin tone by removing dead skin.  Uses the peeling properties of natural ingredients including centella asiatica, scutellaria-baicalensis, and green tea.  Together, this special formulation improves dull skin tones and helps to smooth your skin.  Finishes your skin with a vibrant, fresh, and smooth touch.

1st Toner Clear

A fresh, water type toner that soothes, cleanses, and improves skin cells with its naturally-sourced skincare recipe.  Quickly helps to wipe away any of your remaining impurities after cleansing.  And in addition to being an astringent, the clear toner offers extra moisturizing benefits.  Leaves your skin texture smooth, irritated skin calm, and dirty skin clear. 

1st Toner Essence

A dual two-in-one moisturizing toner with all the nourishing ingredients of an entire bottle of essence.   Uses both low and high molecular hyaluronic acid in order to deeply moisturize your skin below the surface.  Then, it seals in all that moisture with panthenol (vitamin B-5).  Also contains a complex of 7 naturally-derived extracts that help to calm your skin and strengthen your skin barrier.  The unique toner and essence combination give this solution a viscous texture, but not sticky.  This way, it easily spreads on your face and transfers all that moisture to your skin.  

1st Cream Moisturizer

Seals in your skin’s moisture, deeply hydrates, and leaves your skin glowing with freshness.  Using naturally sourced squalene, this moisturizer forms a protective seal to prevent moisture from leaving your skin.  Also contains low and high molecule hyaluronic acid, which ensures your skin is deeply moisturized both inside and out.  Uses a patented, 7 ingredient complex for improving your skin’s defenses and building that envied glow look.